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Paying off several loan installments per month can be cumbersome. It is difficult and burdensome for the household budget, which is becoming increasingly depleted by monthly commitments. In this situation, Erma Logary’s consolidation loan is a good solution. Combining several loans together and dividing them into smaller payments is a proven way for people who value practical and convenient operations. Thanks to the consolidation loan you will save not only time but above all money.


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Debt consolidation loan via Dedebt is a simple way to combine the existing debt into one. Which loans you combine will be up to you. There is no compulsion to combine all loans into one. Importantly, there is freedom in the type of loans here. You can merge cash loan, installment loan or credit card repayments, even from different banks. How it’s working? When getting a consolidation loan, all other loans are “frozen”. To sum up, one is created, which is repaid in one institution in one installment.


What to pay special attention to?

Erma Logary’s consolidation loan , like other loans, is associated with liabilities, so you should pay attention to them before the contract is profitable and profitable. The installment after consolidation is important – the lower, the better. The total amount of loan repayment is also an important issue, which is worth looking at from the perspective of extending the repayment time and possible commission. Before taking a consolidation loan, ask our advisor about the consequences of late repayment, APRC, and collateral for the loan. With these, as well as other questions about our services, you can go to our facility in Kolbuszowa.


Discover the benefits of a consolidation loan

Discover the benefits of a consolidation loan

What are the advantages of this type of loan? First of all, convenience. Combining several installments from different banks into one is a practical way not to make several transfers a month on different dates. This is a beneficial solution especially if you do not use standing orders and often forget to settle payments. Erma Logary ‘s consolidation loan also means reducing many installments into one, smaller one. A lower installment means more money for other living expenses. A consolidation loan is undoubtedly a way to change your financial situation as well as to avoid bankruptcy. This is a good solution especially if you decide to pay off installments in the short term.


How to take an Erma Logary consolidation loan?

All you have to do is contact us. Our advisers are experienced and reliable specialists who will explain everything to you step by step. Remember that we can offer you not only Erma Logary consolidation loan, but also Erma Logary mortgage loan or Erma Logary leasing. You can also create a savings account with us. Our financial advisor and team leader, Mirasol Daran is waiting for you and your questions.

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